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Meet Todd Felciano, creative, thoughtful, sort of a renaissance man. Todd first found acting at the young age of 4. While getting ready for bedtime, he and his siblings would do “play” commercials in the mirror. (including but not limited to Proctor and Gamble products) Later Todd found himself in theatre and drama where he discovered his true passion in doing voice-overs.


As a voice talent, Todd loves to help people and he’s the kind of guy that’s on your side. He can be the Average Joe, Guy Next Door or the Animated Dramatic Crazy Character. Whether it’s casual conversation, or characters from the abyss, Todd can do it. He has the ability to change characters quickly, and this is what gives him such a wide range. From Ronald Reagan to Maxwell Smart or Rocky and Bullwinkle to the Lion on The Wizard of Oz.


In his spare time Todd loves to free dive in the ocean, target shoot, prune his bonsai trees, cook and spend time with his family. All in all, if it’s creative, Todd’s in.